Monday, 31 October 2011

Kitchen Chaos these past few months

Time flies way too fast for my liking. It had been 2 weeks since my last post which turned into 2 months and now I look again and it’s been almost 6 months. My life has been very chaotic these past few months, hence the lack of blogging. I have “recently” moved back to Pretoria, Jacaranda city- which are in full bloom right now, absolutely beautiful and quite delightful (a new word that I have picked up the last two weeks and find myself using quite often).

For a quick update on what my blog has missed out on this past while:

My sons 1st birthday party- a carnival themed affair which I thoroughly enjoyed planning and sharing with everyone who has been a part of his very busy first year. 

Other than my son the birthday cake had to be my pride and joy, it was my very first novelty cake. A three tear circus tent chocolate cake with caramel and vanilla Italian buttercream icing, one word AMAZING!!!! 

A few tasty snacks- phyllo parcels filled with mince, spicy chicken phyllo pies

FBI School of Pastry- I enrolled at the Food and Beverage Institute School of Pastry to complete a Diploma in Pastry, which I am still busy with and finish end of November. 

Chocolate Garnishes

Mini Frangipan Tarts

Small Croquemboche 
A small French style wedding cake made from a tower of choux puffs filled with pastry cream.

Milk Tart

Puff pastry cheese straws

Mille Fouile
Puff pastry stack filled with strawberries and cream cheese mousse


Filled with raisin, cinnamon, sugar, roasted almonds


Variety of breads
Brioche loaf, health loaf, filled rolls, Portuguese rolls, hot cross buns, chelsea buns 

Bridesmaid duties- I was asked to be a bridesmaid for a very beautiful bride- to-be and was very busy planning the kitchen tea a month ago, for which I made the cake. The bride-to-be is a bit of a nutter so we decided that a Mad Hatter Tea Party was the way to go, which was complemented with the topsyturvey cake I made.

Pastry Master- With my Diploma almost behind my name I figured that I best start planning what it is I’m going to do with all the knowledge I’ve accumulated. Being a mom it makes it a bit difficult for me to get a Pastry Chef job that requires me to work ridiculous hours, so I figured why not start my own little baby company where my time is my own and more flexible. Pastry Master is what I’ll be known as doing cakes, sweet and savoury pastries, small functions and events. I’m so excited at this point in time I don’t know where to begin, my mind is racing with ideas and thoughts of what I want to do.  So stay tuned for what’s to come and hopefully I’ll blow your mind.

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